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AS3 TextHighlighter

Because of the lack of text highlighting capabilities for Flash TextFields I coded a small class with a simple API to highlight text with your custom style. For your own styles you just have to implement an interface. The highlight method takes either a String or Regular Expression as argument.

The class doesn’t work for scrolling text at the moment, but feel free to extend the class.


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Styling Html TextField Bullet Points

If you ever needed to style the bullet points in a Html TextField in Flash you have noticed that this isn’t supported. It gets even worse if the bullet point in the font you’re using isn’t nice at all and you want to take another fonts bullet point.

But with a simple workaround you can change the font face, size and color of the bullet points:

And don’t forget to embed the bullet point, it’s character U+2022

Update 25.01.2010

Added an indent property to easily set the left margin of the list. For using other symbols than the bullet, you have to manipulate your font and embed the manipulated character.

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AS3 TextField metrics bug

Just a quick reminder for myself. There are a few interesting metrics functions in the AS3 TextField API like getCharBoundaries(), but if you have an autoSize field the methods won’t work properly. Just set the height of the field before calling the method to fix that.

textfield.height = textfield.height;


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