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Eclipse/FDT freezes while building workspace

If you’re dealing with very big projects with lots of classes in Eclipse/FDT it might happen sometimes that Eclipse gets stuck while building the workspace. Even killing the Eclipse process and starting it up again won’t help, because with “Build Automatically” enabled it starts building right after launching and probably gets stuck again. This little solution will get you up and running again in a few seconds…

  1. shutdown Eclipse
  2. goto the workspace folder in your filesystem
  3. rename the project-folder which caused the problem
  4. startup Eclipse (now it won’t start building, because it doesn’t find the project)
  5. disable the automatic building process (untick Project > “Build Automatically”)
  6. close Eclipse
  7. undo renaming the project-folder
  8. startup Eclipse
  9. build project manually (select project, Project > Build Project)
  10. after that you can enable the automatic building again



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